Church & Dwight UK Ltd. Overview

Church and Dwight UK Ltd is part of Church & Dwight Co. Inc. based in Princeton, New Jersey, USA and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Why not take the time to look at our global website? You will find our business results posted there and understand why we are proud to be part of the very successful global Church & Dwight team.

We have close links with our sister company in Paris, France which ensures that we take a broader view towards European issues.

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At the same time we understand the importance of local commitment and we enjoy being part of the Folkestone / Kent community and to make sure we have strong local relationships.

We have presented ourselves so that you can learn about us. It would be great to know more about you so do get in touch, be it for the potential to join us or to learn more about our products!

We have more than 300 people who work at Church & Dwight UK. Our people have many different exciting jobs as we develop and produce many of our products locally in Folkestone, we need all types of skills to bring a product to market from the idea generation in our marketing team, the product development in R&D, the quality assurance from our Quality & Regulatory colleagues, production and logistics via our Supply Chain team to the Selling via our Sales Teams. And of course, these colleagues can rely on Finance and Human Resources to support them in their work and on-going career development. There are many more specialized roles which we can't mention here but, in this exciting business we can offer many exciting opportunities.

What else makes our team unique? Our colleagues have been working with us on average for about 10 years which shows that not only do we value experience but our people seem to enjoy working with us.

Our management team is made up of a good mix of ages, nationalities and gender so we never run out of being astounded how differently someone else can view an issue.

- Michael Robinsohn, General Manager


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UK Head Office

Church & Dwight,
Premier House,
Shearway Business Park,
Pent Road,
CT19 4RJ

UK Commercial Office

Church & Dwight UK Ltd,
Ground Floor,
Tavistock House East,
Burton Street,


Church & Dwight,
Wear Bay Road,
CT19 6PG


Church & Dwight,
Warehouse 16 Kingsmead,
Park Farm,
CT19 5EU

Research & Development – Folkestone Centre

Discovery House,
Park Farm Road,
CT19 5EY